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I've been rereading The Writer's Book of Hope by Ralph Keyes. Keyes discusses the hundreds of rejections great writers endured before publishing books like The World According to Garp, Altas Shrugged, All the President's Men, and Gone With the Wind. I find…

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Failing Better

Nov 30, 2011
At a professional development day I attended last week, we were told to plan in two-minute increments, listen to self-help tapes when driving, and multi-task when talking on the phone. We learned that the difference between success and lack thereof boils d…

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Life's Quirky Bits

Nov 15, 2011
I love life’s quirky bits and the things people say and do. It’s like we’re hard wired for greatness, the way we can mend broken hearts and learn to become tolerant. I had the privilege of teaching a writing program in central Alberta a few years back. I …

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