Shore Girl Road Trip Highlights

Oct 13, 2012

We decided to launch The Shore Girl with a road trip throughout central Alberta. Rebee Shore, my novel’s main character, spent much of her childhood ricocheting from one Alberta town to the next. It seemed only right that I should too. So with a trunk-load of books and some wintergreen lifesavers, I hit the highway this fall, stopping in Calgary, Olds, Red Deer, Innisfail, Lacombe, Alix, Stettler, and Camrose.

And just like Rebee Shore, I’ve met some extraordinary people during my travels. People who think deeply about words and language and life’s consequences. People who like to have fun. At one stop, a woman said, okay enough about the book, can we talk about your sweater now. Then I had to stand with my arms spread wide so the crocheters in the room could figure out the sweater’s pattern. We laughed so hard our sides hurt.

At another stop, I met an 11-year-old boy who got special permission to leave school early so he could meet with an author and talk about writing. When his mom dropped him off, I panicked. My first thoughts were “How will I entertain this kid? I have nothing appropriate to read for a young boy.” But he sat with our group of women and pummelled me with questions for close to an hour. Really good questions. Really deep listening. I admit I fell in love that day. We’ve since exchanged emails, mine and his mom’s, a fan club of two.

There were so many small and wonderful moments along the Shore Girl road trip. The earth didn’t crack open, but something in me did. Launching this book has been nothing like how I’d imagined it. In truth, it’s been more.

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