Short Stories

Fran’s short stories have appeared in literary journals across Canada and have been studied in a number of college and university English classes. Here are a few of the well-recognized anthologies where you can find her writing: 



“Elephant Air”
 Everything is So Political

"Kimmel’s writing is resonant, and eloquently drawn. As for the story itself, when was the last time you felt for an elephant trainer? Part of the charm in the story is feeling like you’ve never read a story quite like it before. But it takes a writer as compassionate and confident as Kimmel to make you care for a man like Ivan.“ 
Chad Pelley, Salty Ink Blog


“Laundry Day”
 The Journey Prize Stories 23

“An evocative and deceptively simple story, “Laundry Day” is packed with vivid visceral details. The pacing and tension are also excellent, culminating in a big exhale at the story’s conclusion.”
Alexander MacLeod, Alison Pick, Sarah Selecky


“Picturing God’s Ocean”
 The Journey Prize Stories 21

“It is astounding to see how many writers published in The Journey Prize Stories over the last twenty years have gone on to publish great story collections and novels. The anthology is a windfall for both writer and reader.”
David Bergen

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