Salty Ink reviews our new anthology

Jul 17, 2013

A review of Everything is So Political turned up on Salty Ink today. If you haven’t yet run across the Salty Ink blog, it’s run by award-winning author and bright guy Chad Pelley, who from Newfoundland casts a spotlight on fresh Canadian fiction and poetry. I have tremendous respect for Chad’s views and was delighted to hear his thoughts on the stories in our new anthology – including mine. Here's what Chad had to say about my story "Elephant Air":

“Kimmel’s writing is resonant, and eloquently drawn. As for the story itself, when was the last time you felt for an elephant trainer? Part of the charm in the story is feeling like you’ve never read a story quite like it before. But it takes a writer as compassionate and confident as Kimmel to make you care for a man like Ivan.”

Check HERE for Salty Ink’s review of Everything is So Political, as well as my author’s note for “Elephant Air”. 

PS: You can purchase your copy of Everything is So Political at fine bookstores across Canada or online through

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